Friday, January 3, 2014

A Quick Medical Fund Update

With my campaign entering it's last 2 weeks something came to my attention concerning my funding widget on the home page.

Evidently my fundanything widget is causing some confusion with those kind enough to attempt to make a donation to my medical fund. It seems to work primarily as a sharing widget at this time however if you get to the homepage of fundanything then go to medical you will see my photo about half way down the page and can contribute from there.

In the meantime you can use the PayPal link provided for immediate credit. Fundanything uses PayPal to send your donation to my attention so this essentially just acts as a more immediate method of donation.

I hope this helps!
Please use the PayPal link if you can help. Don't think your contribution will not make a difference. Pennies make dollars. Group funding is just that. Right now the campaign is falling short, it is a bad time of year right after the holidays when people are as broke as the government but every contribution is significant and means something. I am forever grateful at the kindness and help coming from people I will sadly never meet. Your generosity and spirit will be paid forward.
Happy New Year,