Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Randy Scott Out of The Blue 2013

Randy Scott blazes a trail out of the blue as the future for modern blues with just a touch of soul!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
With all the talk about the death of jazz over the past year, the blues has been politely ignored. Granted the death of Stevie Ray Vaughn was a literal death blow to modern blues but for any genre of music to maintain longevity the music must evolve and adapt.
Welcome Randy Scott.
I tend to shy away from artistic comparisons but in this particular case they provide an accurate framework for the appreciation of Randy Scott and his prolific talents. As an instrumentalist think the blistering attack of a Buddy Guy. As a singer / songwriter think Delbert McClinton meets Jeff Healey and you are in the ballpark. Taste, timing and tenacity find Randy Scott's Out Of The Blue as an incredibly solid release with excellent songs coupled with a deceptively subtle touch of rhythm and blues to close the deal. Credibility is never in question here as Scott is joined by legendary guitarist Albert Lee on "Mean-Hearted Woman" and "Hell To Pay." Out of The Blue is produced my Grammy winner Pete Anderson and the band is filled out with Jeff Babko on keys, Gary Novak on drums and Travis Carlton on bass.
Randy Scott has warmed up for the like of Robben Ford and Edgar Winter and is quietly making his name as one of the young guns of the blues scene to key an eye on.
Out of The Blue runs the blues infused spectrum from rock to R & B to the more traditional sound that seemed to have died when SRV went six strings down. 
For more information be sure and check out http://randyscott.net