Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nicolas Bearde All About Love Right Groove 2004

Soulful and soul filled finds the vocal artistry of Nicolas Bearde picking up where Lou Rawls left off.
Brent Black /
The difference between a singer and a vocal artist is rooted in connectivity to a song. Bearde doesn't just feel a tune, he sells it. There is an innate ability to reach a listener and but for a brief moment in time have them believe that song is about them and the artist then takes them on a magical journey to a totally new dimension. Nicolas Bearde is a vocal artist.
While most critics live and die for and based on the new release of the month, I like to go back catalog and All About Love is one of those word of mouth gems that fills out any jazz vocal library nicely! The voice? A musical happy place somewhere between Joe Williams and Mel Torme but with a slight soulful grit to make things interesting. The tunes here include favorites such as "Moonlight In Vermont" and the Burt Bacharach standard "You'll Never Get To Heaven."
Perhaps the key selling point here is that seven of the twelve tunes are Nicolas Bearde originals and showcase his formidable talents as a lyricist. "Love Of My Life" and "One Look At You" could pass as Great American Songbook titles were it not for a working knowledge of the catalog here. An elegant presentation with all technical aspects down cold we have yet another winner from a vocal artist that may be running just beneath your radar - at least for now!

Tracks: You'll Never Get To Heaven; Wild Is The Wind; Every Little Star; Be Mine; Summer Sunday; Trying Times; Love Of My Life; Naima; Promise Me; One Look At You; Moonlight In Vermont.