Monday, December 16, 2013

More Fun With Copyright Violations

I have been flattered and fortunate to have been published all over the globe. I am equally flattered and fortunate to have been asked to handle press releases and liner notes for artists all over the globe which is why finding my reviews carefully hidden on a web site when I removed them from this site a bit of a problem.

A written review is not public domain. I created the review and I have the right to submit a formal take down letter to offending parties should I not want my work to appear on their site. Of course when it does not appear here then the average reader has to wonder as to the legitimacy of the appearance on the site in question. Given the fact no other reviews of the specific works seem to exist it begs the obvious question - is it posted to hopefully help sales or were they simply cut a break by a young critic that was attempting to be artist friendly? Conjecture? Sure...But if it walks like a duck.

Independent writers allow their work to be used by professional artists, labels, and publicists as a courtesy - simply part of doing business.

Federal Copyright laws still protect us and we retain the right to request our work be removed at any time. I am not now nor have I ever asked for anyone to request my approval before posting my work. I am not going to mention the offending party as they have enough on their plate living in the state of Washington while attempting to pursue a "career" in improvisational music. 5 face books likes for an artist page is proof enough they picked the wrong profession. Posting that they have had businesses wrecked due to embezzlement is a strong indication their business savvy much like "Hope and Change" is the ultimate pipe dream. If my review helps them earn a little gas money then Merry Christmas to them. I prefer my integrity over gas money.

Just food for thought.