Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Michael Lington Is Going Old School And Would Like Your Help!

Michael Lington is one of the finest half dozen contemporary sax players today. Michael is also involved in a fund raising campaign to make his dream happen and this is where you come in. Even though Lington is one of the best at his craft sometimes a record label may not share the same vision, doesn't mean the vision does not have merit. Record labels are under the financial gun just like we are and in an effort to spread the word and pay forward some of the kindness shown me by people helping me raise money for my medical fund, I wanted to give you a heads up about Michael's project - better still - please check out the link below and see what is happening for yourself. Michael is that classic throwback player in the Maceo Parker / Jr. Walker and The All Stars type vein and this sounds like a great release in the works and something YOU can be proud to be a part of!


Michael Lington's NEW CD

For my new CD, I'm going back to the heyday of Soul and Rhythm & Blues music, with new compositions and a couple of classics.