Friday, December 27, 2013

Jorn Swart A Day In The Life of Boriz 2013

An introspective if not oddly cathartic look inside the harmonic mind of a rising star!
Brent Black /
While at times seemingly all over the place the lyrical ties that bind bring together sounds and melodic memories  from such shadowy figures as Thelonious Monk and Chopin. An unlikey duo on the surface, Monk and Chopin play well against the whimsical alter ego that is A Day In The Life of Boriz. The lyrical counterpart of Jorn Swart is the basis for an intriguing debut release from one of the most inventive young pianists to toss his melodic hat into the ring in some time. A deep rich color palate offset with adventurous musical conversations keeps A Day In The Life of Boriz fresh and organic simultaneously.
A percussive pop of movement permeates the release with a syncopated panache not often attempted with a debut recording as similar efforts are usually nothing more than the presentation of the lyrical business card wrapped around a handful of standards and the odd original tossed in for a polite if not reserved introduction to the jazz mecca that is the Big Apple. While Swart has received both academic and critically acclaim his highly regarded 4tet may well be the best kept secret in New York. Tenor saxophonist Chad Lefkowitz-Brown is highly regarded by Donny McCaslin and has performed with Arturo O'Farrill's Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. Double bassist Scott Colberg has studied under the great John Pattitucci while drummer Dan Pugach has also studied under Pattitucci and gained valuable experience while immersed in the Brazilian scene in Rio. Together this quartet functions hand in glove allowing Swart to set the harmonic pace as this formidable group fills in the missing pieces.
If variety is indeed the spice of life then A Day In The Life of Boriz may well be the epitome of what perpetual motion truly means. While the compositions run the spectrum from the vibrant to the melancholy there is a lyrical sense of purpose that exudes from each artist that tends to tie up any harmonic loose ends with the end result an intriguing if not at times wildly captivating first effort, a rare feat indeed.
4 Stars. Like a well written resume, you want to hear more.
Tracks: Amsterdam In Grey; Fiets; A Day In The Life of Boritz, Part II; Autumn Nostalgia; The Duke, Monk, And More; Snurdie Furdie; And Never Again; Sara; A Day In The Life of Boriz, Part I; Raar.