Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm A Bad Man...A Rogue Critic Lands In Face Book Jail

I want to give a personal shout out to the geniuses that run the cyber island of misfit toys that is face book.

I've been busted.

I can not send a friend request for another 4 days nor can I send messages. Evidently they think I have nothing better to do than troll for friends. Never mind the fact if I review an artist and like them I often "friend" them since we have established a connection. Not sure why the message deal unless they simply want to hassle me which is usually be the case. Looks like I can not send messages to people that they "think" I don't know...well if they reached their arbitrary friend limit then of course their computer thinks I don't know them. If you have had a similar experience start flooding their office with e-mails. God knows you can not talk to a real person there while they store every bit of communication and private information you have.

The C.E.O is a douche and the entire network is a joke but good enough for networking in the business.

Here is wishing all the mental pygmies at Face Book a very Merry Christmas. Except Zuckerman, that clown is not worth the time.