Sunday, December 8, 2013

Haim Days Are Gone Columbia 2013

Can three sisters from Southern California save pop music from itself? Yes...
Brent Black /
If you write about music but never leave your own wheelhouse then you are indeed missing out. Perhaps the best advise I ever received is from a Food Network chef that said, "You need to take what you know and what you are comfortable with and move past that." In my search down the lyrical road less traveled I stumbled upon Haim...Can three Valley girls that just happen to be sisters find happiness in a business known for shattering both dreams and families?
Haim consists of Danielle, Este and the front sister Alana Haim. While tearing up the British charts the buzz began to trickle back late to the United States as it traditionally does. After a stellar appearance on Letterman, the musical stock of Haim went through the roof and now they are  finding themselves on numerous best of lists for 2013. Days Are Gone is a methodically and meticulously put together slice of modern music that carefully skirts standard categorization while offering up tasty bits of R&B, pop, and even classic rock with some critics referring to the band as a more deconstructed Fleetwood Mac mercifully brought up to speed with what is happening currently on the music scene. An almost female version of the French synth/pop group Phoenix, Days Are Gone is flawlessly executed with precise production that maintains an eclectic edge and vocal harmonies to rival almost any similar act working today.
Had someone told me three years ago that I would be including alternative music much less raving about it then I would have said they were mad. While there are a handful of bands working the same side of the lyrical street as Haim, the future of some of their contemporaries may indeed be grim by comparison. For these sisters, the future is so bright they have to wear shades!
Tracks: Falling; Forever; The Wire; If I Could Change Your Mind; Honey & I; Don't Save Me; Days Are Gone; My Song 5; Go Slow; Let Me Go; Running If You Call My Name