Monday, December 23, 2013

Daan Kleijn Trio 2013

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication...
Brent Black /
The guitar trio is perhaps the lyrical equivalent of the solo piano release. The artist is left fully exposed and any chinks in the armor soon make themselves very apparent. Daan Keijn Trio showcases an amazing new talent in the Big Apple poised to make his mark in the city that never sleeps. The zen like approach of Kleijn is embraced by the rhythm section of Tobias Nijboer on bass and Joost Van Schaik on drums. Here we have three unique artistic voices working together in a harmonic synergy which is the apparent end result of capturing lighting in a bottle.
Originals such as "Drie Kleuren" and "Here Without" sound like standards. The Cole Porter tune "So In Love" is reharmed and made uniquely Kleijn's own if only for a brief moment in time. The deceptively subtle blues infused "When It's Sleep Time Down South" fits hand in glove with the overall mood and feel of this release which is relaxed and free flowing lyrical motion. Kleijn's comp work is perfectly placed while his precise single note runs embrace more than the moment they set the melodic path which Nijboer and Van Schaik embrace each step of the way.
One can hear a myriad of influence yet it is the overriding artistic vision of Kleijn that allows his own special voice to shine through in a unique and captivating fashion. Guitar trios are notoriously feast or famine. Trio is indeed a feast hitting on both the visceral and cerebral levels. Daan Kleijn is one of the most gifted young players to arrive on the scene in some time. While their are as many jazz guitarists in New York as there are Starbucks, Daan Kleijn is indeed a name to remember!
Tracks: Drie Kleuren; So In Love; Star Crossed Lovers; Charlie; Here Without; Ev'rything I Love; Willem; When It's Sleepy Time Down South.

Personnel: Daan Kleijn: Guitar; Tobias Nijboer: Bass; Joost Van Schaik: Drums.