Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black Vinyl Dress Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun Gonzo 2013

"I'm a lousy singer but an excellent rock star..."
Mick Farren
Nothing more fitting than having the late punk pioneer take part in his own review. Earlier this year Farren passed away after collapsing on stage with his most famous band The Deviants. A musical happy place for Farren never really existed yet his style and panache could best be described as a delightful mash up of The Ramones and early Frank Zappa. Cerebral punk with a visceral backbone.
Mick Farren was a world renown UK music icon, activist, anarchist, writer and street politician. Farren paved the way for many but yielded to no one. Black Vinyl Dress would appear to be the last release from Farren. Embracing the theatrical presence of a commanding voice and solid punk roots this is a release that will hit you right between the eyes without realizing it. Quirky yet edgy and theatrical yet lyrically intense this is indeed the wheelhouse Mick Farren knew best.
The Deviants hit the streets in 1967 yet by the early 70's Farren was pursuing his interests in writing both in the UK and Los Angeles. Retro punk aficionados should gravitate to this adventure in lyrical dynamics that embraces a more Hunter S. Thompson vibe set to music. Farren may have well left us with an ironic soundtrack to his own amazing adventures.
Definitely worth a listen!
4 Solid Stars!
Tracks: Black Dogs Circle; Cocaine & Gunpowder; Black Vinyl Dress; Venus On Her Shell; The Dark Matter; I Don't Like It Here; Pick Up The Scissors and Run; If I Was A Hun On My Pony; Cigarettes; Beautiful Women; AK47; Humidity On The Seventh Floor; AK47(Reprise); Tomorrow Never Knows.
 Personnel: Andy Colquhoun (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Mick Farren (vocals); Jaki Windmill (vocals, percussion). Liner Note Author: Mick Farren.