Sunday, December 15, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Is A Liver

As the liver turns?
Not the best title in the world but I never claimed to be Hemingway either.
At the suggestion of an artist I have been documenting my struggles and now things are worsening a bit. In the last week alone my fatigue has doubled and stomach pain has been literally constant. My concern? I have work to do. I could dwell on the trials that are just on the horizon but that would be wasted energy. I am not going to get better. Liver disease is for the most part terminal in virtually all cases, mine for sure. I am just buying time. I feel worse for my mom and sister than I do myself. I am continuing to write but am slowing down. Writing takes my mind off my troubles. I would much rather be championing an independent artist that needs help then giving yet another three viles of blood on Monday but that is the reality I face.
Pre-surgical testing will start Monday. I would rather be writing about European or South American artists that the main stream press here will not give the time of day. It is what it is.
I desperately need your help. 10 or twenty bucks to you is like two thousand to me. It pays for a pharmacy bill. I have no insurance, indigent care does not cover pharmacy and neither does Medicaid which doesn't cover my needs. I need your help.
You can use the paypal link here on the homepage or the funding widget.
I will continue to pay your kindness forward.