Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Adam Levine Crosses The Line On The Voice

I have become known as one of the few critics that will give it to you straight and accept the collateral damage as simply a part of doing business...

If I started this piece by calling Adam Levine the biggest douche since John Mayer that would be unprofessional not to mention have some attorneys a bit tight...So I am not going to do that.

On last nights edition of The Voice we had Adam Levine proclaim his lone female contestant as the winner before Will Champlin even took center stage. I've been watching the outrage on social media including some rather well placed comments from former Chicago band members Danny Seraphine and Bill Champlin.

Let's get one thing perfectly clear, Will Champlin does not need the help from some old friends and relations to plead his case. The blatantly obvious bias of Levine coupled with miserable song selections for Will and the consistent snarky attitude of "Oh, still here huh?" have reduced Levine's credibility to an approval rating that may rival the acting President.

I worked for American Idol. The best singer never wins. It is in fact a popularity contest. Debate the singers on technical merit but connectivity and fan appreciation sell records - bottom line.
The Executive Producer of The Voice should cringe when watching the replay of the episode in question.

I've reviewed thousands of singers. Will Champlin has already established himself as a formidable talent with a musical stock that is an arrow pointing straight up....Shame Levine's band can not make the same claim.

I'm out.