Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Brief Message From Brent

This past Wednesday I was admitted to University Hospital via their Emergency Room with a blood clot. Further tests revealed blockages in the blood flow going to the liver and possibly other major organs. I was released late Friday.

Christmas Eve. I report back to Nuclear Medicine for some imaging to see if they can determine the cause of the clot and possible tumor associated with it. Odds are I will be admitted soon after.

Don't look for much if anything to be posted the next several weeks. I need rest and I need to focus on the task at hand which is major surgery that while routine for many could be life threatening for me. Blood thinners can not be used because of partially ruptured veins in my throat, I would bleed to death.

If you are so inclined and would like to contribute to my medical fund use the PayPal link or funding widget here on the home page.

I have received hundreds of emails and I will get to them all in due time. I am truly touched. Merry Christmas and I will keep going till they bag me and tag me!