Saturday, November 30, 2013

Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends!

The official fundraising campaign is over...or is it?
My fund anything campaign has officially ended but you can always help by using the pay pal link on my homepage. I wanted to take one last opportunity to say thank you!!!
I had a couple of people e-mail and ask if I was disappointed that I did not reach my goal and I said of course not. As long as you try and as long as you keep fighting you are always a winner no matter what. The kindness shown has allowed me to stay on track with my medicine and not ration it out. I have been able to buy some time until I hopefully find myself in a drug trial that could be of tremendous help.
This is now the Christmas season, there will be no traditional Christmas celebration in my house. Our family is broken, my health is failing, and my future is unknown with each passing day. My health is such now that I can not eat certain foods and sometimes simply can not eat. The worry of my disease is as bad if not worse than the disease itself...You have taken a great bit of the burden off my shoulders.
You can always and continue to help through my pay pal link here on my homepage. I am still attempting to do my job here and to do it as best I can. My roll is slowed. The spirit is willing, the body has other ideas...My spirit never loses an argument.
I am eternally grateful.