Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Sixxis 2013

The thinking mans answer to the music formerly known as grunge.
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
So I get this release in the mail, impressive packaging and an obvious attention to detail then I started to read a description of the music. The ability to use some well placed strings in the appropriate setting does not constitute a classical influence. With that being said, The Sixxis is an incredibly intriguing power trio with the uncanny ability to be able to take music that might be more closely associated with Alice In Chains and actually turn it into something meaningful.
The description went on to mention jazz influences, an improvisational guitar solo in a rock setting does not a jazz influence make but nice try. Well...with that being said the musicianship here is first rate every step of the way. This is music with some meat on its bones, music with an edge but a cerebral edge which includes some powerful lyrics that could be compared to perhaps Rush or Sound Garden but simply elevated. The key to the success of this band applies in the ability to focus more on the music and less on some pre-conceived packaging nonsense that in reality does not come close in describing the full potential of what could well be an extraordinary band for years to come.
The vocals are well above average with the harmonies incredibly tight. Musicianship as stated before is not an issue and the production values here are solid every step of the way. Edgy but not angry, intense but controlled has the overall vibe picking up where some of the hard rock of the mid 90's died, never to be heard from again.
The Sixxis is a band that intrigues me and much like that well written resume, I am left longing to know more. The potential here is huge.
4 Stars and a band to watch.
Tracks: Believe; Snake In The Grass; I Wanted More; She Only; Believe (Russian); Nowhere Close (Live); Home Again (Live); Farewell To Everything (Live).
Disc Two - DVD
Nowhere Close; Home Again; Farewell To Everything.
Personnel: J Bake / V Laddy / Mark