Thursday, November 14, 2013

Quicksilver Messenger Service Live At The Old Mill Tavern March 29 1970 Cleopatra Records

Jam band godfathers Quicksilver Messenger Service are back with a delightful blast from the past!
Brent Black /
Closely linked if not often over shadowed by the Jefferson Airplane and Canned Heat, Quicksilver Messenger service still maintains a devoted cult following and a special place in rock history. This 1970 live effort at The Old Mill Tavern is a historical flash back to one of the true originators in the jam band sound that acts such as Government Mule have taken to new heights.
The legend of the Messenger Service is built around their live shows with Live At The Old Mill no exception. There are a few acoustic anomalies and technical gremlins associated with this recording that only add to the character and warmth of what the live show was all about. Granted a forty three year old recording will certainly sound nothing like live releases that street today but herein lies the charm of this retro bohemian flashback.
"Mona" and "Baby Baby" are done to perfection but the appearance of the legendary James Cotton on "Blues Jam 1 & 2" that steals the show and makes this particular recording a must for not only Quicksilver Messenger Service fans but blues fans everywhere. Some bands are far more adept at playing and recording live than suffering through the constraints of the typical studio recording, Quicksilver Messenger Service was one such band.
4 Stars!
Tracks: Subway; The Truth; Mona; Baby Baby; Rain; Mojo; Blues Jam #!; Blues Jam #2.