Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Paul McCartney New Concord 2013

It was twenty years ago today....

Paul McCartney, a name that can sell millions of records before they are even released and sell out stadiums before shows are even announced. You never win a race against father time, or do you? Paul McCartney's contemporaries are rolling doughnuts in terms of creativity or touring as the rock and roll rival show of past glory, Paul McCartney has released what may well be his finest recording since Back To The Egg. While the release is titled, "New" there is actually nothing new. Better still, no reinvention of a stellar career but instead we have an artist that embraces his past which seems to be the catalyst for a musical reformation.

Paul McCartney is perhaps the most prolific songwriter / entertainer in popular music history and his trick is very simple and refreshingly honest. The songs of McCartney are very personal snapshots that are not taken but lived throughout his life, this is the embodiment of what connecting to a song is all about. The first solo release is six years boasts four outstanding producers that take McCartney's past and together they forge ahead with a refreshingly honest and oddly eclectic sound that could easily have New as the primary contender for the Grammy for album of the year. The influences are here from the usual suspects but there is an deceptively subtle vibrancy that pushes the sound into "new" territory. While some have remarked the McCartney still has plenty of gas in the tank for an artist past seventy they seem to be missing the key point of this release being New is just that, the past made new with a excitable spirit and vigor that moves the music past the point of reinvention and into the next chapter of McCartney's distinguished career.

Highlights are numerous from the opening and edgy "Save Us" to the classic sound of the title track "New" and finally to the Revolver vibe from "Queenie Eye." This is new pop music for a new age in music. New is forward thinking, edgy but all with an addictive ambient quality that has McCartney back in the saddle and at the top of his game. This is a prolific stage in McCartney's career as there are numerous tracks left off this release, when and where they surface are a mystery but one well worth waiting for!

I have long said that one never reviews greatness, they celebrate it. Humor me...

Tracks: Save Us; Alligator; On My Way To Work; Queenie Eye; Early Days; New; Appreciate; Everybody Out There; Hosanna; I Can Bet; Looking At Her; Road.