Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nate Harasim 313 The D Woodward Ave. 2013

Nate Harasim is nine miles ahead of the game on 9 Mile Road!
I don't normally do singles and primarily because of time constraints. When you review more records per week than any main stream publication the thought of reviewing a single is a bit daunting plus taking a single out of the potential conceptual concept of an album can be dangerous at best. Nate Harasim is indeed the exception to the rule!

"313 The D" is perhaps the standout selection on a release built around the single, a compilation release and while most fall flat there is an almost flawless ebb and flow not just within the album but the single itself. Take the old school vibe of Herb Alpert with a more contemporary dance beat and round it off with a funk oriented back beat and you feel me. I first stumbled into Nate Harasim back in his Trippin' n Rhythm days and while that particular label has seen their fifteen minutes of fame come and go, Nate Harasim continues to establish himself as a producer to watch and a name to remember.

Smooth jazz is dead. Good thing Nate Harasim is a contemporary instrumental artist and producer. "313 The D" is that classic old school made new cool sound that so many producers are looking for but just never seem to find. This Nate Harasim joint is high energy, well conceived and the next step in what can best be described as the flaming wreckage of smooth jazz.

It simply doesn't get much better than this!

This track features:
the track features: Nate along with - Lin Rountree - Elan Trotman - Matt Godina -and  Anna Stevenson.

written by Nate Harasim and Darren Rahn and produced by Nate Harasim

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