Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Michael Des Barres Hot N Sticky Live

In the days of mind numbing ear candy and inane rap music, Michael Des Barres is just stupid good!
Brent Black /
Yeah, I know this is about as far away from jazz as one can fly. In my quest for new sounds while occasionally taking that sonic side road off the lyrical path of traditional expectations I stumbled upon Hot N Sticky Live which is more musical fun than one band should be legally allowed to have in one blistering hot set.
O.K. for the uninitiated and for those of you playing at home, who is Michael Des Barres? Remember the super group The Power Station? Cool. Now think The Power Station meets Aerosmith. This my friends is rock and roll, old school rock and roll. Songs about girls and the incredibly dangerous baggage that comes along for the ride. If you are looking for relevant political and social commentary then go grab a U2 album and be on your way. This blistering set was captured live at the infamous Viper Room and features killer tunes such as the title track "Hot N Sticky" along with a rock nasty version of "Stop, In The Name Of Love." The set closes with a smoking hot medley of " My Baby Saved My Ass/ I Don't Need No Doctor/ Get It On."
I do try and stay away from artistic comparison but just to try and seal the deal here you can also think Michael Stanley, Southside Johnny and early J Geils. The is a release about girls and guitars and it just does not get much better than this. I don't normally "guarantee" a release but in this case I will make an exception. Go to and purchase a copy and you will thank me. If you don't then...I just can't help you!

Tracks: Carnaby Street; Your My Pain Killer; Hot N Sticky; Stop, In The Name Of Love; Please Stay; Detective Man; Little Latin Lover; Medley: My Baby Saved My Ass/ I Don't Need No Doctor/ Get It On.

Personnel: Paul III: Bass, Back Up Vocals; David Goodstein: Drums, Back Up Vocals; Damon Fox: Keyboards, Back Up Vocals; Mark Tremalgia: Guitar; Michael Des Barres: Guitar, Vocals