Monday, November 11, 2013

Lou Reed's Official Cause Of Death - Liver Disease

GTY lou reed jtm 131028 16x9 608 New Details: Singer Lou Reed Died From Liver Disease

(Photo Credit: Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images)
Above you see the face of Lou Reed...Better still you see the face of the end stages of liver disease. Lou was twenty years older than I. While Lou's lifestyle was a tad more on the edge than mine, liver disease is an insidious soul siege...
Liver disease slowly robs you of your dignity, your spirit, and finally your looks. Your body starts to feed off itself. There is no living with liver disease, you cope. There is no getting better, there are only stalls to buy time....
The odd thing is that while a self absorbed lifestyle is predominately the cause, the stigma attached is sometimes worse than aids or other horrible plagues upon man. You celebrate small victories. You cry at small defeats. You worry about others more than yourself.
I have been blessed to have achieved the success that I have as a critic. I bleed for my doctors and I bleed music for you. I want you to understand, to listen...There are no mythical lyrical keys to the kingdom. The key to music is deep within your heart. Share it...It won't hurt near as bad as you think.