Friday, November 29, 2013

Last Day Of My Fund Raising Campaign

No one will be happier to see this fund raising campaign come to a close more than I. Allow me to say I am humbled at the kindness of those I have never and probably will never meet but let me get right to the heart of the matter.
Most people take issue with my politics more so than my reviews. That's fine because I am not too thrilled with your politics either, it brought us Obama and then now infamous lie of "if you like your plan you can keep it." I don't review based on political beliefs, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. I am not a follower of the Tea Party and the last time I sat foot in a church was for a wedding and a funeral which to me are the same event happening simultaneously. I have reviewed a plethora of artists whose values and beliefs are polar opposites of mine, I only care about the music. I have also done fundraising articles for such artists as Romain Collin and Wayne Escoffery and because I wanted to - not because I was asked.
Now I need your help. You can use the home page here to contribute whatever you can to my medical fund. Obamacare may simply toss me into the overly crowded and poorly funded Medicaid program where substandard care is the norm and transplant patients go to die. I have liver disease. I am being considered for transplant but there is no guarantee yet. I face a long and expensive road ahead.
I don't work as a typical critic. I have helped artists on some things at no charge. I include site links, purchase links and offer advertising at a far cheaper rate to artists than any main stream media publication. How many critics do you know include a where to buy link at the end of a review? I review more music than All About Jazz and have interviewed everyone from Bob James to John Abercrombie. I know times are tight. I know the conservative philosophy says to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, sorry but I can't afford bootstraps and "Hope and Change" seems to have passed me by. I often say those that scream for diversity the loudest practice it the least. Today when you are tossing in a few bucks in the Salvation Army kettle wondering where it is going or what good it will do please think of me. Your kindness helps with blood work, pharmacy bills and office calls to just try and stay slightly ahead of the power curve. I continue to pay it forward and will continue to try and write until they bag me and tag me. Lou Reed got a new liver and died five months later. My prognosis is grim. I should have died twice this year already...I never back down from a fight. While I shy away from country music sometimes even a jazz critic needs to cowboy up...
Merry Christmas and God Bless for any help you can give.