Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hot Head Show Perfect 2013

PERFECT cover art
Full contact avant punk jazz with a bizarre reggae riff...insanely good!
Brent Black /
I stopped contributing to main stream publications here in the United States as I found most editors to approach improvisational flavored music from a purely academic standpoint. You have to take what you know and what you are comfortable with and move past that,  Hot Head Show and their latest effort Perfect embraces this concept as well as any band I have covered thus far.
Take everything you know about punk, free jazz, ska or any other abstract concept used by the powers that be to pigeon hole a band and wipe your memory banks clean.
Hot Head Show is whimsical, quirky, eclectic and incredibly cutting edge while tying up all the loose ends with some remarkable playing from this formidable 4tet. Sounds like? Beats the hell out of me but think Sex Pistols meet the Talking Heads on their way to a Primus show. Wrap your brain around that one. This is utter madness that should have critics scratching their heads and record executives rethinking their career. The wonderful thing is that it is incredibly rare for a band to come along that can completely redefine and undefinable genre while still retaining a deliciously subtle commercial appeal of accessibility.
Singer / guitarist Jordan Copeland ( Stewart Copeland's son) fronts this cerebral assault on the sense with equally stellar contributions from Vaughn Stokes on bass, Betamax on drums, and Jonah Brody on organs and pianos. The vocal ability of the entire group rivals most of their more pop oriented contemporaries.
Further descriptions are somewhat pointless as these lads are barking mad and one of the most entertaining bands to emerge in years. I strongly urge you check out to sample the album and find out more!
Tracks: Kansas; Bethany; Bang Now; Hello Doctor; Bodie Doesn't Take It Sitting Down; Some Money; Little Kitty; Fingers; Bangfish; Unbearable Lightness Of Bang.