Thursday, November 21, 2013

Glass House Long Way Down 2013

An amazing duo with an intimate yet powerful approach that should bode well for their future!
Brent Black /
Progressive folk, alternative rock, acoustic pop? What's in a name...
Glass House is an amazing due featuring David Worm on vocals and Mark Vickness on guitars. Their sound on Long Way Down includes Peter Gabriel like percussive influences and a stunning rendition of Robbie Robertson's "Broken Arrow." Going all in on the fully organic route we find The Turtle Island String Quartet. Perhaps the most intriguing element on this record is the infusion of some driving world music influences that add layers of texture and depth that releases from some of their contemporaries might be lacking.
Worm's vocals are warm and powerful when needed and Vickness has a definite command of the guitar. The songwriting is powerful yet oddly intimate. One tune exploring more of the political social landscape of today is "Where I Belong" and while normally tunes of this nature have me hitting fast forward almost instantly, Glass House manages to hold my attention. There is an incredible amount of music happening here, layers of sound yet nothing over powers making an adequate description of their sound as changing and as varied as their compositions.
The Indigo Girls brought up to 2013 might be an fair description but perhaps the more clich├ęd "NPR alternative music" gives you the best idea. Tell you what, you decide...
I'll give it 4 very solid stars and be on my way.
Tracks: Build A Bridge; Waiting For You; Turn Away; Broken Arrow; Long Way Down; Bring Me The Hammer; Thank You; Where I Belong; For Now; Questions.
Featuring: Turtle Island String Quartet; Jon Evans: Bass; Scott Amendola, MB Gordy; Alan Hall: Drums; Ty Burhoe: Tabla; Mads Tolling: Violin; Ashling Cole, Juliana Graffagna: Vocals