Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dick Cheney - The Tail of A Transplant...

I got something on my mind...

Many of you know me as perhaps the only jazz critic to stand up and be counted as "that conservative jazz critic."

This is not about ideology or party. Dick Cheney has a new book where he discusses his heart transplant. While Cheney clearly acknowledges his gratitude he goes on to say he thinks little about the donor, his family etc..."it is his new heart not someones old one."


As some of you are aware I am suffering from advanced liver disease and a transplant may well be in my future by late spring of 2014, a great many factors are still up in the air. I find Cheney's callous attitude disgusting to say the least. Should I be that fortunate I will move heaven and earth to find out the appropriate information and honor that person and their memory each day I am blessed to still be here.

So here is the deal, if you are unable to contribute to my medical fund but would like to help I have the easiest solution.

Sign the back of your license, be an organ donor. I can assure you that even a conservative jazz critic will be sure and pay if forward.

God Bless,