Tuesday, November 19, 2013

David Silverman A Song For Christmas!

Reviewing one song is rare not because singles have essentially died but given the amount of work that consistently rolls across my desk it is more of an issue of time constraints than anything else. With Christmas fast approaching I have noticed the trend of downloading individual tunes to bypass some more of the predictable if not tired Christmas offerings from the usual cast of characters.

If you like Christmas old school then you should check out "A Song For Christmas" from David Silverman below. Available on iTunes and sure to please! Simplicity is the height of sophistication!

Here is a direct link for the youtube video

I asked David to tell us some more about the tune:

David Silverman
"A Song For Christmas" Music and Lyrics by Carroll Coates. He also wrote the lyric on "Sunday In New York" with Peter Nero and Music and Lyrics on "London By Night" that Frank Sinatra recorded 3 times. "No One Ever Tells You" is another one of his songs that Sinatra recorded. This Christmas song is from the early 90's. He heard my first CD, contacted me and sent me this Christmas song. We have been friends for 20 years. He also introduced me to Alan Bergman and Johnny Mandel. This song was recorded for my 1995 King Records CD "Swingin' Sweet" The Record company in Japan never did anything with it. Features Gordon Brisker on Tenor sax, Andy Simpkins on Bass and Jim Paxson sr. on drums. The simple color video was put together last Christmas. The only other recording of this song is by Natalie Cole around the same time I believe in 1995. My recording has the added verse that she did not sing on her recording.

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