Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dave Sharp's Secret 7 Worlds Vortex 2013

Dave Sharp returns with a dazzling new exploration of world and improvisational music!
Brent Black /
Critically acclaimed bassist Dave Sharp's Secret 7 is back with a most unexpected and cerebral offering of the harmonious union between western jazz and world music with a global beat. A sound scape of meticulously captured rhythms, textures and grooves that run from the sound of Detroit and New Orleans straight to Africa and India. The eclectic cast of musical co-conspirators functions as a small jazz orchestra while keeping an incredibly organic focus on authenticity and compositional development.

Sharp while receiving critical acclaim for the 20 10 release Secret 7 is still running just below some critics radar. A deft touch and a fluid lyrical gift for harmonic development have Sharp traversing an incredibly diverse melodic path across several path with perhaps his Bollywood riffs his most impressive flights of fancy on this stellar effort. In the hands of a lesser artist any attempt at moving into the Bollywood arena normally falls somewhat flat, choppy and lacking in any real cohesion. Sharp reinforces the intense rhythmic force while keeping to the lyrical straight and narrow for an authentic yet deceptively organic take on some of the most complex music the world has to offer.

Worlds began as an initial collaboration with tenor saxophonist Chris Kaercher but has emerges as a complex look at the roots of improvisational music and their resulting global impact.
A truly remarkable effort!

Tracks: Sherehe; Nu Africa The D Mix; Return; Mystery Blues; Sunrise; Eastern Flame; Desert Sky; Kalinjar; Rain Raga; Dakar Detriot.

Special Thanks To Michael Bloom / Michael Bloom Media Relations