Friday, November 1, 2013

@CriticalJazz / Stepping Aside Not Stepping Down / ObamaCare is not closing...sort of.

Effective immediately I will only working releases that I receive or am solicited to do by existing contacts.

Effective Jan. 1 2014, I will publish no more than 6-10 pieces a month. I normally publish more than 6 pieces in a week, sometimes a day. This action is necessary as I move closer to potential liver transplant. My declining health requires more and more rest and I need to focus on my immediate health concerns. After June 30 2014 the future remains up in the air. I am extremely doubtful the site will continue. My options and doors are open.

I plan on contributing in Europe and health depending writing some features for the local paper here.

In the meantime, I want to continue to thank those of you that supported me be through a kind word or a contribution to my medical fund or the silent person simply reading what I had on my mind. My opinions are sharp, pointed and hopefully make you think. Taste is subjective.

In the meantime, no downloads will be accepted. This require cognitive skills to download, save etc. that are at times a struggle for me. I appreciate your kindness and understanding that will hopefully allow me to continue in a very limited capacity but again...sometimes things are out of your control.

Allow me to be the first to say Merry Christmas as I don't celebrate the generic term Holiday. If you do that is fine, just don't rain on my parade and we will get along just fine.

Because someone else can claim me on their tax return THEY have to pay for my medical insurance thanks to Obamacare despite the fact I don't have a job or a regular means of income. Still wanna call this the "Affordable Healthcare Act?"