Saturday, November 9, 2013

Craig Tweddell Quintet Away With Words Bugles Media 2013

CD Front Cover
CraigTweddell is putting the Derby City back on the jazz map with a stellar debut release!
Brent Black /
Classic Blue Note recordings were as much about the sound of the recording as they were the performance itself. Craig Tweddell goes back to the future with Away With Words, old school turns new cool in the spirit of some of the Miles Davis and Lee Morgan sessions that are arguably the Holy Grail of the legendary Blue Note catalog. Make no mistake, Craig is not doing a riff on the past but a deconstructed look at himself with all original compositions drawn from a lengthy period of time.
The Craig Tweddell Quintet captures that classic working band sound that is far more than an average mid size ensemble but a true improvisational collective. As I have so often said, "artistic comparisons are inherently unfair to all concerned." To perhaps appreciate the essence of this recording one could draw legitimate comparisons to a more contemporary Tom Harrell. Quintet's are a fickle beast for an ensemble. Away With Words embraces the five piece collective as a launching pad for individual voices as opposed to a leader with four after thoughts. Dave Kana is a highly underrated tenor player with a high octane approach while keyboardist Todd Hildreth adds that third dimension of harmonic movement and color with the retro sound of the fender Rhodes.  Luke McIntosh on drums and Zach Kennedy on bass are the rhythmic pulse behind a flawless unit..
"Bop Mucket" is classic bebop revisited while "Grin. And Barret" borders on the more post modern hard bop sound that so many similar ensembles attempt but sadly fall short of the mark. Craig Tweddell is a legit jazz triple threat as artist, educator and perhaps most importantly one of the brightest compositional talents to emerge in years. A personal favorite may be "Thank You Jonathan Larson" which is a soulful and soul filled ballad eerily reminiscent of early Chet Baker. Debut releases are normally a chance to make your presence know by turning out a selection of standards and perhaps one or two original works. Away With Words is a spontaneous combustion of passion, perseverance and precision laid down by a true musical chameleon with the ability to play colors you can feel. There is a new shooter in the trumpet world, an artist whose musical stock is an arrow pointing straight up and his name is Craig Tweddell!

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And a direct link to the new release video!
Tracks: Killing Two Birds Intro; Killing Two Birds With One's Tone; Bluisville; Slumbersome; Bop Mucket; Thank You Jonathan Larson; Walkin' With Shell; Grin. And Barret; Away With Words.