Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Brad Hoyt Far Away From Everyday HGM 2013

Brad Hoyt's Far Away From Everyday is chamber jazz done right!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Consider the harp guitar as a somewhat portable plucked piano. Consider Brad Hoyt a contemporary visionary that can weave the melodic textures from various genres into a cohesive structure that defies the genre specific labels the industry seems intent on thrusting upon artists and you end up with a beautiful recording that is a cerebral exploratory on lyrical possibilities.
Far Away From Everyday includes cameo appearances from such artists as Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band) along with perhaps the best "unknown" guitarist in America in Phil Keaggy and you are certainly on to something. Oh, go ahead and add phenomenal bassist Michael Manring and the bar has been raised to an extreme level of perfection. The technique here is a combination of finger style and tap techniques that perhaps originated with Windham Hill artist Michael Hedges. Don't think this is Windham Hill meets chamber jazz, it isn't. The sound here is as diverse as the artists that contribute to this amazing release. The sonic tapestry is woven from gypsy jazz,  ambient soundscapes, and a nice dash of funked up acoustic music!

This is a third stream summit, artists not bound by convention or predetermined expectations but of real musicians playing incredibly real music on real instruments - how sweet is that? 14 original tunes from 30 global musicians that embrace the collective possibilities when preconceived plans are chucked in favor of going a far more organic and lyrically intuitive route. A smorgasbord of flavor, texture and cultural delights that hit on both the cerebral and visceral levels.

A sublime experience.

Tracks: The Relative Sea; Sharper's Revenge; Impossible Liason; Look Inside; Kiss Of Fate; Ricochet; Traverse; Restive Nocturne; Elnora; Far Away From Everyday; Beneath The Iron Gate; September; Sometimes You Just Know; Alternate Timeline.