Sunday, November 10, 2013

Arcade Fire Reflektor MRG 2013

Arcade Fire reinvents their sound with an introspective look at life as we know it.
Brent Black /
Rolling Stone has called Arcade Fire the most important band of the last decade. This is high praise coming from a music publication that is nothing more than a two star rip off of the Huffington Post but...nothing beats a good review.
The most intriguing aspect of Arcade Fire is no two releases have the same sonic base. While admittedly never latching on to any of their previous releases, Reflektor is a streamlined and eclectic pop record that give life to an industry that is struggling at best. Arcade Fire are the reigning kings of melancholy, move over Pearl Jam. Most important band of the last decade? I doubt their influence will be as wide spread as a Pearl Jam but in terms of pure indie music this release is an important stepping stone in taking music for the hipster crowd and making it oddly accessible for those that struggle with what a "hipster" really is.
One of the main selling points of success for Reflektor is that the pretentious socio-political commentary is taking a welcomed back seat to an exploratory look at real emotional content as it relates to life, love, and longing of the human spirit. Think a far more focused Depeche Mode when listening to Reflektor. Some early reviews have been mixed with a predominant amount referring to Reflektor as a dance or post modern disco release. Swing and a miss. You won't hear this played in most dance clubs. Never confuse a steady beat with disco, a sure sign of an amateur.
There are no stand out tracks here and that is a good thing. A well conceived release with a somewhat conceptual flow that is solid from start to finish. Most important band of the last decade? No...Most important indie band of the last decade? No...
Arcade Fire seems to be an intriguing work in progress. I never liked any of Arcade Fire's previous work. I like this...A good beat and you can dance to it.
A solid effort. Perhaps not worthy of being a two disc set but just the same:
4 Stars
Tracks: Reflektor; We Exist; Flashbulb Eyes; Here Comes The Night Time; Normal Person; You Already Know; Joan Of Arc; Here Comes The Night Time II; Awful Sound; It's Never Over; Porno; Afterlife; Supersymmetry;