Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An Open Letter To Sandra Booker / How Dare You

As most of you know there was a benefit to try and help with my medical fund held in Los Angeles last month.

It was a bigger bust than "Hope and Change."

It was on social media and in particular the page belonging to the star of NBC's Parks And Recreation, You told me that "I better be grateful" for the efforts made by people such as yourself. While I have expressed my profound gratitude on more than one occasion, I am of the opinion that you used my particular situation as a self serving means of great publicity for yourself and as a way to book others on your show. Let me get to the heart of the matter.

Allow me to take you to school. The photo below is displayed on your homepage. A photo of Trayvon Martin when he was approximately 14. Sweet kid.
Below is a photo of Martin a few months before his death that people such as yourself refuse to acknowledge.
The same individual that attempted to kill George Zimmerman by being the aggressor and attempting to bash his head in on the concrete sidewalk. Zimmerman was known to have tutored black youth and dated a black woman while in college. Racist? Does not sound like it.
You on the other hand have been kicked off some social media sites for vulgar and insulting references to "white people" while you were in fact married to a white man previously. Woman scorned? You also bailed on the organizer of the benefit and enlisted one of the other musicians in attendance as a guest for your show. Conflict of interest?
Below is a photograph you also have on your homepage, Dr. Martin Luther King. I believe Dr. King dreamed of a day when men were not judged by the color of their skin but what is in their hearts.
You made reference and I took it personally that any white person that did not buy into Obama Care was racist and to use the exact verbiage from the rant you posted, "that is a fact."
No, that is conjecture as you offered no links, no statistics, and nothing to back up your race baiting claim. I am against Obama care because a.) Obama lied and lied and lied yet you support this lie based on his mixed race. b.) transplant guidelines are still left up to the states and are not fair and remotely uniform.
I don't hate Obama because he is of mixed race. I hate Obama because he is a liar, a fraud and the greatest hoax to ever plague the Republic.
You have been schooled.