Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Al Sharpton Takes Race Baiting To A New Low

From Brain Anderson at www.downtrend.com - The main stream media has yet to jump on this gem. Stand Your Ground laws are designed for individual protection and NOT to protect the rights of a person in the wrong place at the wrong time and doing all the wrong things...

I know it’s hard to believe, but Rev. Al Sharpton is once again trying to create racial injustice where none exists. The Rev’s new “Trayvon Martin” is Renisha McBride, a black woman that was accidentally killed by a white homeowner near Detroit. Though police have not charged the man and have stated they don’t believe race played a part in the tragedy, Sharpton is insistent that racial profiling and “stand your ground” laws are to blame.
Before we get into Al’s rant, let’s get up to speed on the incident. On November 2nd at around 1:00am Renisha McBride was speeding down the street when she collided with a parked car. She got out and fled the scene of the accident. Witnesses called 911, but because no injuries were reported, police gave it a low priority. McBride returned to the scene where neighbors tried to help her. She refused help and again left the accident.
More than two hours later, McBride turned up six blocks away on the porch of a 54-year old man’s house. Being as it was 3:40 in the morning, the man thought someone was trying to break into his house. He grabbed his shotgun. He told police that the shotgun accidentally went off and McBride was struck in the face and killed.
There are a lot of things that don’t add up here. McBride’s family claims that she was simply looking for help when she went to the homeowner’s house. If she was truly looking for help, why did she refuse it at the scene of the accident, but then somehow decide she needed it 2 hours later in a completely different neighborhood? Did she have a cell phone? Did she try finding help closer to the accident?
An autopsy was performed which confirmed she died from a shotgun wound to the face, but no toxicology report has been made public. Could it be that she was driving drunk? She was seen speeding and hit a parked car. She fled the scene twice. Evidence points to the idea that she did not want to be arrested for driving while intoxicated. Whatever she was doing on that homeowner’s porch, it was not as innocent as her family would like us to believe. Maybe she was trying to hide from the police. Maybe she was so impaired that she didn’t realize she was trying to enter a home that didn’t belong to her.
Police have not charged the homeowner with a crime, nor will they even release his name. They are actively investigating.
So, what does Big Al have to say about this unfortunate incident? In a piece called Justice For The Silenced on The Huffington Post he gives us this:
McBride’s death is a tragedy that simply didn’t have to take place. It raises many questions about preconceptions, bias, profiling, motive and more — all of which need to be thoroughly examined and investigated. But when no arrest has been made and no charges filed, what sort of signal are the authorities sending? A teenager is dead and the shooter is able to continue his own life at free will. Similar to Florida, Michigan is another state where controversial ‘stand your ground’ laws are in effect. We don’t know yet whether McBride’s accused killer will invoke ‘stand your ground’, but we do know that he made a conscious decision to shoot instead of assist the young woman. There is no escaping that truth, and absolutely no reason why he should not be placed in handcuffs and a thorough investigation done immediately.
Here we go again with the stand your ground BS. Do all black people think SYG laws are worded in such a way as to allow white people to kill blacks under any circumstance, or is it just bungholes like Sharption? Besides, this would be more of a “castle doctrine” type of case in which homeowners are allowed to defend themselves from intruders.
And yes Al, there are several reasons why the homeowner should not be placed in handcuffs. At its face, this is an accidental shooting on private property. The homeowner had reasonable cause to think his house was being broken into. There is no evidence to suggest the shooting was racially motivated. The police are investigating. If they find anything that disproves the story, they will arrest him.
But it’s not just racial profiling and SYG laws that are responsible, the media is also to blame as Sharpton points out:
And has the imagery of African-Americans in pop culture and the media become so blatantly prejudiced, that people view us only as some sort of a threat?
To make sure the reader knows what a travesty of justice this is, Sharpton ties the case to Trayvon Martin even though there are zero similarities:
Much like George Zimmerman initially roamed freely after shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, this Michigan homeowner has evaded justice.
Al Sharpton has made a career out of creating racial tension but too often he is proven to be completely full of manure. Tawana Brawley, anyone? How about the Duke Lacrosse team? The McBride shooting is a tragedy and I’m sure no one feels worse about it than the homeowner. At worst, he’s going to get charged with negligently discharging a firearm, which is most likely a misdemeanor. This looks like it was an accident, not the heinous slaughter of an innocent black woman at the hands of a bigoted white devil that Sharpton wants it to be.