Sunday, October 13, 2013

William Shatner Ponder The Mystery Cleopatra 2013

William Shatner "Star Treks" Ponder The Mystery to a place no prog rock release has gone before!
Brent Black /

I had heard rumblings about this release, didn't believe them. Could such musical giants such as the late George Duke, Vince Gill, Rick Wakeman, and Al Di Meola come together for an art rock summit and actually make it work? In a word...yes!

I lean more toward the genre label of art rock but the cerebral riff on what is the imaginative fantasy world of progressive rock has just been reinvented! This broad based release is boldly going where most prog rock super groups fear to tread. Shatner co-wrote this release and penned to deeply personal lyrics for producer/multi-instrumentalist Billy Sherwood to set up shop around. The collection of artists here goes on to include former Doors member Robby Krieger and guitar god Steve Vai and contrary to popular opinion, oil and water do mix much like two wrongs do make a right if you do the math correctly.

Shatner's spoken word lyrics are well executed and amazingly introspective and add a delightful air of intimacy to a release that could have easily swallowed him whole if not for an obvious mutual admiration society at play here. Egos were seemingly checked in the door and the resulting harmonic synergy permeates this release like no other prog rock release before it.
While press releases indicate the artists may have enjoyed this recording perhaps even more than Shatner, performances from Steve Vai, Al Di Meola, and Vince Gill are nothing short of spectacular.  

A delightfully constructed release with an all star line up...If you told me I would have liked this that much I would have said you were crazy! I'd be wrong...This is epic William Shatner!

Tracks: Red Shift; Where It's Gone...I Don't Know; Manhunt; Ponder The Mystery; So Am I; Change; Sunset; Twlight; Rhythm Of The Night; Imagine Things; Do You See? Deep Down; I'm Alright, I Think; Where Does Time Go?; Alive.

Personnel: William Shatner; Billy Sherwood: Background Vocals, Drums, Acoustic & Electric Guitars; Bass & Keyboards. Additional Featured Artists: Rick Wakeman, George Duke, Robbie Krieger; Edgar Winter; Al Di Meola; Edgar Froese; Steve Vai; Zoot Horn Rollo; Vince Gill; Mick Jones; Dave Koz; Nik Turner; Simon House; Joel Vandroogenbroeck.