Friday, October 25, 2013

Why Blank Check Funding For The Arts and Humanities Does Not Work!

I have long been against funding for the Arts and Humanities that goes no place and does even less. This particular piece from Downtrend.Com paints a clear picture as to why if YOU love the Arts and Humanities then YOU need to start writing a check...

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, sent a letter to National Endowment of the Humanities questioning why taxpayer money was being used to fund seemingly pointless studies and dubious cultural activities.
The thing that got the Senator’s attention the most was the NEH program “Bridging Cultures Bookshelf Administration” which distributes books related to Islam to over 900 libraries across the country. The program also offers grants to hold Islamic forums.
“Using taxpayer dollars to fund education program grant questions that are very indefinite or in an effort to seemingly use federal funds on behalf of just one religion, does not on its face appear to be the appropriate means to establish confidence in the American people that NEH expenditures are wise,” wrote Sessions in the letter.
Sessions also requested that the NEH provide an itemized list of the money spent over the previous 5 years related to Christianity and Judaism, including books and forum grants.
In addition to funding the spread of Islam, the NEH also gives out grants to study vague and answerless questions. Sen. Sessions found that the endowment spent $172,445 on such studies. In his letter he pointed out 7 specific grants he found outrageous. Because I need the money I will try to answer these questions in hopes the NEH will cut me a big fat check. After each question is the amount the NEH spent pondering it.
“What is the meaning of life?” ($24,953)
This one is easy. Like all living things our reason for being is to make more of ourselves and propagate the species. If you thought your purpose on this planet was anything loftier, you’re wrong. The meaning of life is to make more life. We’re here to have sex and make babies.
“Why are we interested in the past?” ($24,803)
It’s interesting. The present sucks. Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Take your pick.
“What is the good life and how do I live it?” ($25,000)
The good life is what Obama and his socialist policies are taking away from us. To live it, stop voting for democrats.

“Why are bad people bad?” ($23,390)
Poor parenting and a failed justice system.
“What is belief?” ($24,526)
It’s the psychological state in which an individual holds a conjecture or premise to be true. I was going to say it’s what I don’t have in the current administration, but that would be a definition for “faith.”
“What is a monster?” ($24,999)
A monster is someone that tries to arm our enemies while disarming us. It’s someone that spies on us collecting all our personal data and communications. It’s someone that ignores our civil rights. It’s someone that forces us to buy something from a private company whether we want it or not. A monster is someone that uses our tax dollars to distribute the religious ideology of a people that are hostile towards us. Thank goodness such a monster could never exist.
“Why do humans write?” ($24,774)
We use written symbols to express all kinds of messages: to share stories, note financial transactions, record history, imagine the future, to express love, hatred, humor or melancholy. Writing gives us access to knowledge. We can trace how an idea has changed over thousands of years, or argue against the opinions of those long dead, all because the discoveries of others have been recorded and collected. I do it primarily for the beer money.
Hopefully the NEH comes through with the money. I’ll be checking my PayPal account all weekend.