Sunday, October 27, 2013

Torque Trio Osmosis Neuklang 2013

Torque Trio may well be the most inventive trio to come out of Europe in the last decade.
Brent Black /
The piano trio is a dangerous format fraught with the perils of predictability and the status quo. Torque Trio is the modern jazz piano trio deconstructed for a new generation. The sophomore effort Osmosis can stand along side any other European trio in compositional excellence, technical proficiency and an open ended sense of creativity all held tightly together by the smallest of ensembles. Odd meters, shifting dynamics and vibrant colors weave their way in and around compositions that offer that elusive three dimensional sound scape of spatial wonder while maintaining one singular harmonious train of lyrical thought.
Traditional layers of texture are opened with the addition of the use of the glass harp and the singing bowl by prolific drummer Antoine Duijkers. Lyrical double bassist Mathias Polligket is a leader in his own right but provides a free flowing counterpoint to the explorations of pianist/composer Koen Schalkwijk. This is perhaps one of the most exciting and inventive trios to come around in some time, deceptively subtle in presentation while evocative in an ambient presentation few trios could master. This is an incredibly independent yet wildly original new band destined for great things. The Neuklang label is one of the finest in Europe and some of their contemporaries are advised to keep a watchful eye given the level of artistry shown with the release of Osmosis.
This is a You Tube presentation but be sure and check out for new videos and complete details on the band and their work.
Tracks: Stories To Be Told; Desillusie; End Of Days; Presikhaaf; Singing Bowl; A New Day; Down The Rabbit Hole; Osmosis; Implore; Song For A Dying Bird.

Personnel: Koen Schalkwijk: Piano; Mathias Polligket: Double Bass; Antoine Duijkers: Drums, Glass Harp, Singing Bowl