Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thriller A Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson Cleopatra 2013

A crotch grabbing good time!
Brent Black / is. Had anyone told me I would be reviewing a metal tribute release dedicated to the King of Pop then I probably would have died from the ensuing anger stroke. Thriller - A Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson boasts a hard rock lineup with such amazing talent as Corey Glover from Living Color and Phil Campbell from Motorhead all works incredibly well! I'll leave the "King of Pop" tag for others to debate but Jackson had an innate gift for melody and the transformation to a hard rock presentation for some of these tunes seems almost effortless. While a great many Michael Jackson covers border on the karaoke, metal covers only reinforce the incredible lyrical sense of purpose and the all important back beat that revolutionized modern pop music as we know it.

You know the tunes and the arrangements are first rate with "Shake Your Body" and "Billy Jean" as some of the soul stirring, pulse pounding, and head banging best!   
Corey Glover from Living Color and Phil Campbell from Motorhead do a mind melting version of Billy Jean while Doug Pinnick from King's X blows the roof off the place with "Rock With You." Elias Soriano from Nonpoint simply kills "Shake Your Body!" This is no tongue in cheek riff on pop music by those least likely to come within 100 yards of anything remotely commercial. This metal tribute pays serious homage to the musical vision of Michael Jackson and his legions of loyal fans.

This metal collective summit of some of the finest players they have to offer is on point every step of the way. From the hard core metal head to the hard core Michael Jackson fan, nothing to grind on here folks!

Thriller: Chuck Billy - Testament
Man In The Mirror: Danny Worsnop - Asking Alexandria & Billy Sheehan - Mr. Big
The Way You Make Me Feel: Angelo Moore - Fishbone, Doug Aldrich - Whitesnake, & Rudy Sarzo - Queensryche
Black or White: Lajon Witherspoon - Sevendust, Bruce Kulick - Ex-Kiss, & Tony Franklin - The Firm
Beat It: Priya Panda - Diemonds & Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - Guns & Roses
Billy Jean: Corey Glover - Living Color & Phil Campbell - Motorhead
Shake Your Body: Elias Soriano - Nonpoint
Rock With You:- Doug Pinnick - King's X
Dirty Diana: Chris Jericho - Fozzy
Bad: Paul Dianno - Ex-Iron Maiden & Craig Goldy - Dio
They Don't Care About Us - Icarus Witch
Never Can Say Goodbye: Lonnie Jordan - War
Smooth Criminal: Alien Ant Farm

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