Thursday, October 24, 2013

So I Tried To Sign Up For ObamaCare

So...I tried to sign up for Obamacare.

The website crashed. Obama says "pick up the phone!" Uh, "Sir"...the phone line is as dead as a hammer as well.

I was fortunate enough to find an indigent program to cover some doctors visits at a twenty dollar co-pay but this program ends 12/31/13. For the past two weeks the administration has refused to release specific numbers and Obama has been as forthcoming on this as he has on Libya, The I.R.S, and the N.S.A scandals that are hanging over his failed leadership like a shroud.

Time is running out as the administration is now attempting to place a band aid over the equivalent of a cyber aneurysm to keep what is arguable the largest waste of time, talent and most importantly taxpayer money to come from Obama's desk thus far.

Obama has had years to make sure this was an effortless roll out yet this program has crashed and burned faster than "Hope and Change." This is not free health care folks. There are over forty hidden taxes in the "Affordable Health Care Act" which according to an NBC news broadcast from last evening has a woman that is 60 and qualifies for no exemptions paying double what she had paid under her old Blue Cross plan. Did I mention 160,000 LOST coverage and could not keep their old plan because it did not meet up with Premier Obama's Marxist qualifications for acceptance?

The same people that believe this is some sort of free program given out of the goodness of Premier Obama's heart are the same mental chew toys that signed up for a mortgage they knew was too good to be true. Now the press and even Democratic lawmakers are slowly calling for the implementation of this program to stop if just for one year as the time needed to fix the computer system simply is not there. Obama may actually be responsible for killing his own program. The irony is too delicious to not savor.

Imagine if you were given a project at your job. You were instructed to create something in say two years. Would you outsource it to a foreign country and then do the equivalent of slapping it together with "experts" that are the equivalent of cyber-temps and then have the nerve to charge your company for it? This is what Premier Obama is attempting in a nutshell. Real reform takes time. Real reform is beneficial for the vast majority. The radical left that still stand behind this program and this President do so based on ideology, the ship of common sense sailed a long time ago.