Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Romain Collin Is Kick Starting A Dream!

Love me or hate me, I am consistent.

The Calling

I have reviewed more piano trios in three years than most people hear in a lifetime. Romain Collin is special but I am not the only one that seems to think so. After picking up serious critical acclaim for his release The Calling, Romain launched his own fundraising campaign on October 1st to push his dream for a new trio recording to that next level. Backed by an all star rhythm section this is certainly an effort with your attention. One of the most common questions is why kick starter? Record companies are hurting and their monetary pie is getting smaller and smaller. To put out what may be considered a bare bones effort is ten grand, MINIMUM...Thanks to a stagnant economy we find Artists becoming promoters. Here is Romain's response when I asked him why kickstarter and below that please check out his fundraising link! Below that you will find an interview I did with Romain earlier this year.

B.B. So why kickstarter?

"Kickstarter seemed like a good move for two a funding platform, many of my peers seem to have run campaigns successfully. And about the independent funding of my album, it allows me for complete creative freedom."

Romain Collin's Kick Starter Campaign!