Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Proof from NBC News Obama Lied About Americans Keeping Current Healthcare Coverage

It’s possible that we’re just being too polite.
We like to use friendly, politically correct terminology when we discuss the numerous broken promises of ObamaCare. We like to say that the President “misspoke” or that his plan doesn’t live up to his promises.
But we’re not going to fault anyone for describing the President’s promises about his signature health care law with just two simple words.
He lied.
NBC News reported tonight that, buried inside the ObamaCare regulations dating back to 2010, is language that indicates that the administration knew that as many as 67% of health insurance plans would terminate under the Affordable Care Act.
The language actually provides a sweeping range, indicating that between 40% and 67% of plans would terminate. The Obama Administration knew that, as early as 2010, people would lose their health insurance thanks to ObamaCare.
Were promises revised in lieu of that? Nope.
Were expectations corrected? Nope.
The President clearly said that people would be able to keep their own health insurance under his health care law. That was an unwavering, easy-to-prove-because-the-internet-is-forever promise that the President made to the American people.
He lied.
We can say it now.
Have a look at the video below.

As I have been telling you all along, Obama lied. Obama knew he was lying. The liberal main stream media is finally catching on as to what Obama is doing to the American people.
The son of a bitch lied.