Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Obamacare / Musicians / And Why I Fight

I need to clear the air...

I received a msg from a good friend and musician advising that I stop speaking out on acting President Barry Soetoro and his epic failure that is Obamacare. I respect this person a great deal but...they do not get it, maybe you don't either.

To start this person stated by lingering on this topic it would encourage people to sabotage my fund raising efforts for my medical fund. That already happened in Los Angeles. People whose politics I disagree with intensely have contributed to my cause and did so out of the goodness of their heart. The ultra or radical Liberal would like nothing more than to silence me.

"If you like your health care plan you can keep it. No one will take that away." - Obama

NBC News has proven that statement was a lie and Obama knew it when he said it.

Now hardworking and struggling Independent musicians are being faced with higher premiums and substandard care. Why? We were set up.

Another friend from Europe asked me to explain what is so wrong with Obamacare.
1.) Individual freedom is taken away.
2.) Higher Premiums and Higher Taxes are the end result.
3.) Substandard Care

Or better still from Yahoo News:
In drafting rules to put ObamaCare into effect, the Health and Human Services department under Kathleen Sebelius tightened the grandfathering eligibility to make sure even more people would be forced to switch to the excessively costly policies that Mr. Obama wants them to buy. Mr. Obama says he cares about your incentive to get preventive care or tests that you may not get if they don't appear to involve a free lunch.
But the truth is, he wants you to pay for coverage you'll never use (mental-health services, cancer wigs, fertility treatments, Viagra) so the money can be spent on somebody else.

Now Obama is starting a media blitz to beg young adults to sign up. IF they do not then premiums will continue to go up. The already shaky economy here with an unemployment rate of over 9% will be rocked yet again under the failed policies of Barry Soetoro. Please note the 9% figure comes from national figures calculating the long term unemployed that are no longer officially counted in unemployment figures because their benefits expired.

The liberal counter-argument is if you don't like Obama you are racist. I don't like Obama because he is stupid. His race means nothing. Did these same self-righteous pious hypocrites dislike Bush because he is white? Have Obama's poll numbers continued to drop because more people are becoming racist or are they fed up with being lied to by an incompetent community organizer whose only work experience was leading a march for unwed mothers? Give me a break...

More and more artists will be forced to leave music, painting, ballet, etc...They will have to find a higher paying job to afford health insurance or face increasing penalties and taxes from the current health care law. The artistic community stands to lose a great deal...No liberals in the community are making their feelings known as widely as I am, they leave it to their miniscule audience that trolls on their face book page.

I don't argue ideology. I present facts. A great many hate me for speaking my mind. Bret Primack, Johnathan Widran, and representatives from two major labels have told me to knock it off. This is me listening and caring.

If you wish to donate to my medical fund you do so because you see me as a person and you might actually respect that freedom of speech extends to conservative Independent writers as well.