Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Obamacare is crashing the healthcare job sector as well as their website!


So, Obama has been talking about how ‘his’ supposedly bright and rosy economic recovery plan has centered around job growth. Of course, we all know this is false, since unemployment is still officially above 7 percent. In fact, even that number is too low because it does not consider those people who have simply become discouraged to the point of giving up their job search. When those people are added back in, the ‘real’ unemployment figure could be over 9 percent…or more.
At any rate, Obama has certainly fancied himself as a champion of the downtrodden and the healthcare industry. The amount of time that was put into slamming the insidious ObamaCare law down the throats of the American people is proof enough of that. But now we are beginning to see some additional results that Obama and no one else in his Regime cared to predict—we are seeing a number of layoffs coming in the healthcare sector. What? You mean ObamaCare is actually causing people to lose their jobs? Yes, indeed.
If we had been paying attention, this is exactly what numerous GOP opponents of ObamaCare and even a number of industry insiders and doctors had been saying for years. In fact, ObamaCare is set to become a major job killer and this thing really is just getting started. I have already reported how one of the hospitals Obama touted as a shining example of the future of healthcare, the Cleveland Clinic, is cutting back on their budget and laying off employees. This clinic is first class, and has treated dignitaries such as Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and musician Lou Reed. They are reducing their budget by $330 million and will be laying off some of their 44,000 employees (although they have not said how many).
Guess what? The Cleveland Clinic is not an isolated example. Major hospitals across the country are now doing the same. In fact, last month alone the healthcare industry has announced more than 8,100 layoffs due to reductions by hospitals. The same outplacement firm that compiled these numbers also says that this year the healthcare industry has announced 41,085 layoffs, which is the third most behind financial and industrial companies. Although total private hospital employment is still up by 36,000 in the past 12 months, it is down by 8,000 since April. This indicates that no one in this sector is actually hiring, but the only action is now coming in the form of layoffs.
It is very obvious that the reason for these layoffs and budget cuts is ObamaCare. Even just looking at the medical device tax, which is a relatively small part of the whole law, you will find that it increases costs on companies, hospitals, doctors, and even people in need of medical treatment that require medical devices to be used. Biomedical and medical device engineering firms are also laying off workers who develop crucial products due to the ‘unforeseen’ costs of ObamaCare. Of course, it also goes without saying that the more money they pay to the government the more money the government can waste on something stupid…and the less money the businesses have for actual research and development.
Oh well, I think we are seeing Obama’s new jobs plan…keep ObamaCare rolling at any cost and then wait for all these ‘extra’ people to lose their jobs. What a wonderful plan from such an under qualified community organizer in chief! Is it really possible that American was stupid enough to elect this man not once, but twice??