Friday, October 4, 2013

Obama Hires Armed Guards and Locks Up The WWII Memorial

This is what the Narcissist In Chief thinks of our veterans. Hate him? You damn right I hate him.
To spit in the face of the people that defeated facist Italy, the Nazi's, the Japanese and then because YOU can't get your way you lock up a Memorial paid for by the AMERICAN PEOPLE!
I had one race baiting individual claim my opinion was based on racism. To that idiotic witch I will say no...Not all people of race or ethnicity other than my own are that fucking stupid. To make a statement such as that when you don't know me shows just how racist and intolerant you are. This is about common sense...You know you have won an argument with a liberal when their only retort is to play a tired race card...

A must read on Obamacare: