Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Obama And His Marxist HealthCare Plan!

Photo: Good report by NBC News, except.. they put this groundbreaking story on their website and skipped it in the evening news.

The election is over, the networks need to STOP holding all of Obama's dirty laundry.  Let it ALL OUT, the American people need to know. 

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"If you like your health care plan - you can keep it!" - Obama

If you sign up for this plan you are insane....Brent Black.

The Muslim Liar In Chief...

Nice going America...You really screwed the pooch on this one!

Sandra Booker - What say you now sweetness?

"Hope And Change"

"Yes We Can!"

American Heroes Left To Die In Benghazi
Blame You Tube

Spying On American Citizens, The Press and Foreign Countries
Claims He Had No Knowledge

Using The I.R.S As His Own Political Gestapo
Again He Claims No Knowledge

I Think I  Have Made My Point.....The Liberal Counter Argument? Obama, His Lies, His Admitted Lack Of Knowledge And Or Control Stem From Racism....

Somewhere Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are snickering.