Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Post Benefit Hangover / Trying To Find The Elusive High Road.

My post benefit hangover and wrap up...

The great thing about this format is that it allows the writer to make things a little more personal in a world where most of us are considered nothing more than a social security number with a pulse. Some great people got together this past Sunday at a jazz venue that should have been turned into a strip club years ago to try and raise  funds to help with my medical expenses. To call it a disaster would be kind...Fault? No one that worked the benefit is to blame of course. The fall out began coming back to me within hours and included the name of one individual that took it upon themselves to literally sabotage the efforts. Politics and an attempt to perhaps get a piece of the action based on family had everything to do with it.

I have been asked to cut this individual a break and not publish the cyber colonoscopy that I had in mind. Love me or hate me, I am consistent and most importantly loyal to the very few that have been loyal to me. I was told this person is old and sick and I'll see that and raise you middle aged and dying. I am walking away but with the knowledge there is a special place in hell reserved for this individual. I've seen to it.

I have been the first to review numerous individuals that were invited but never showed or had "prior engagements." Some did purchase advertising out of the goodness of their heart and I am grateful. I was told that this really does not count but I'm not gonna split hairs on this one. I don't mince words, Los Angeles turned their back on me. I have already listed the reasons and as my health continues to decline and I slowly move out of writing about jazz, I am already taking L.A. off my list. Gratitude in this business has a shorter shelf life than most releases. I bleed this, jazz has been a passion that has literally saved me and kept me going. If some of the fossils in the City of Angels wish to continue to try and live on past glory with music that died a quarter of a century ago then good luck with that.

My liver disease has progressed to a point that my kidneys are now in serious trouble. My heart has been effected and my overall health is slipping noticeably as of late. I'm not giving up, I am slowing down. I will be posting more reviews later tonight. I am cutting what I call my benefit buster a break. This person apparently has more baggage than they can handle, like all I bring to the party is a carry on. I pity this person...I just wonder one thing.
Who is ever going to cut me a break?