Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lou Reed Dead At 71...Liver Disease Does Not Play Favorites...

I wanted to just talk to you for a minute...

This is incredibly hard as the news of the death of Lou Reed hits close to home. Lou Reed had liver disease. Lou Reed had a transplant in May. Now Lou Reed is gone...There is no "feel better" for Lou. My heart breaks for his family, friends, and legions of loyal fans.

Many people think that a transplant is a cure. It is not a cure but a stall that buys on average only five more years. Lou made it five months.

I have advanced liver disease. The doctors are now actively testing me for transplant qualification and risk and or rate of survival through almost weekly blood tests. There is no "feel better" for me either as I am just as terminal as Lou.

Liver disease is an insidious soul siege that robs you of your health, dignity, and brings you to your knees when least expected. Some people might say I am attempting to cash in on this opportunity. No...I am attempting to educate people including those in my extended family that there is no cure, no hope but only a stall. The best I can hope for is to find some peace and a good place to enjoy whatever time is left on my shot clock.

The contributions to my medical fund help fund treatment and take some of the massive worry off my shoulders. People I don't even know and never will meet are kind enough to reach out simply in hopes I have a better day. While I am still accepting contributions to my medical fund, I continue to write about artists needing funding for their projects. I also write about artists involved in animal rights and in the fight against Lupus.

Hepatic encephalopathy is slowly robbing me of my cognitive skills necessary to write, your contributions can help me with a drug trial proven to work. The drug itself is 1300 a month, a program I can qualify for brings it down to a manageable level. Anything you can contribute is welcome. I appreciate it. I only have about one more year that I can write and there is no guarantee I even qualify for transplant. I need your help. You can contribute through my widget or pay pal account here.

Know this...Everything you put in your body is filtered by your liver. There are many forms of liver disease not associated with a drinking problem. The Affordable Health Care Act has hung all transplant patients out to dry. I will continue to champion this cause till they bag me and tag me.

God Bless.