Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Liver Disease Month and Obamacare

While October is well known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many of you may not realize that it is also Liver Awareness Month.

A great many of you know I am in a serious battle with advanced liver disease and with the new mandatory "Obamacare" in place (for now) there is a quick message for those of you in the same fix I am in or perhaps know someone who is.

Educate yourself so you may make the best informed decision in regards to your own care. I am an outspoken critic of "El-Presidente" and his short sighted health care mandate for two reasons.

1.) Organ transplant guidelines were never addressed. You will live or die based on where you live. Fact.

2.) The Internal Revenue Service which Obama has used to attack his political enemies with will now have access to very private and personal medical information that has no reason to be at their disposal as this is NOT why the I.R.S was established.

That is my gig...You need to consult professionals where you live. You need to evaluate what is best for you after carefully considering where you are in your current treatment.

Educate yourself and make your own decision. There is no wrong answer after you have the facts.

While Breast Cancer Awareness is vitally important, Liver Awareness should take a special place in the hearts and minds of those struggling and for the friends and family members looking on.

Become an organ donor...It could happen to you.

God Bless.
Brent Black.

You can also look at www.healthcare.gov to gain more information. Choose wisely. Be healthy.