Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kevin Coelho Turn It Up Chicken Coop 2013

Kevin Coelho welcomes you to the land of rhythm and groove with Turn It Up!
Brent Black /

If you watch Idol, X-Factor or The Voice then you have heard this a million times, know who you are as an artist! Kevin Coelho is eighteen years old and is more aware of his artistic direction than most players twice his age. There have been several new artists under 21 that have made a splash of late but I will go out on a limb and say, Kevin Coelho will be mentioned in the same breath with artists like Joey DeFrancesco and Mike LeDonne by the time he turns forty.

While under the watchful eye of another organ great in Tony Monaco, the sound of Turn It Up seems to embrace a contemporary retro riff on the legendary Charles Earland. The tunes may raise an eyebrow but as I have learned the hard way, don't judge to quickly! From the Beatles, "Come Together" to "Soft and Wet" from Prince we have Coelho doing a focus riff on himself and digging deep for a soulful and soul filled groove that has not been heard since Joey DeFrancesco burst onto the scene and roughly the same age. The original jam "Zig Zag" is pure flavor and possibly one of the finest tunes here. Reinforcing this groove-a-licious release we have guitarist Derek DiCenzo and drummer Reggie Jackson and they are indeed the glue that makes this a true collaborative effort. A harmonious assault on the soul, a beat you hear with your feet.

What makes Turn It Up work so amazingly well is this is far more than the predictable retro riff on old school B3 trios from the early 60's, this is new school funk laid down by a rising star in modern jazz. The first album, Funkengruven was really good but this is great. Coelho is a skillful improviser with a precise lyrical direction and is the harmonic gift that keeps on giving. Perfect? Darn close. Going hypercritical and splitting hairs is not how I roll. Age is nothing but a it is 5.

Tracks: Root Down; Soft And Wet; Come Together; The World Is A Ghetto; Zig Zag; When Johnny Comes Marching Home; Shadows; Georgia On My Mind.
Bonus: The World Is A Ghetto; When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Radio Edit).

Personnel: Kevin Coelho: B3 Organ; Derek DiCenzo: Guitar; Reggie Jackson: Drums.