Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Joe Satriani Unstoppable Momentum Epic 2013

Joe Satriani reinvents himself with Unstoppable Momentum!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
To shred or not to shred that is the question...Chickenfoot may well be the second best thing to happen to Joe Satriani since his initial decision to pick up the guitar. Like many that run in the same virtuoso type shredding circles, Satriani had become somewhat predictable. Unstoppable Momentum finds Satriani with a laser like focus on material that allows him to spread out and prove once and for all that he is indeed more than a one trick pony.
Satriani goes commercial?
If by commercial you mean does Joe Satriani play music that is accessible to a broad based audience that covers a variety of genres and is packaged incredibly well? Yes...Music is a business but with taste being subjective the commercial aspect of the release is still wide open for debate. Any new musical ground cut here? Not really, Satriani may well be the finest rock guitarist going today. Unstoppable Momentum simply reinforces his versatility and ability to move effortlessly around something more than just the speed is king mentality that is ... tired.
Highlights here are far too numerous to list. The band is tight, the material solid. Satriani does a deconstructed riff on himself and gives legions of rock fans hope that there is life after shredding and with Joe Satriani leading the charge there is hope others will follow. While purely conjecture it would seem that his association with the super group Chickenfoot has rubbed off and it is this new influx of inspiration that catapults Unstoppable Momentum right to the top when you stop and consider best rock albums for 2013.
1. Unstoppable Momentum
2. Can t Go Back
3. Lies and Truths
4. Three Sheets to the Wind
5. I ll Put a Stone On your Cairn
6. A Door Into Summer
7. Shine on American Dreamer
8. Jumpin In
9. Jumpin Out
10. The Weight of the World
11. A Celebration