Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hepatic Encephalopathy - Where The Hell Are My Keys?

You don't look sick...

I hope not. I would hate to think staying on a restricted diet with all the taste and flavor of eating a carpet sample was in vain. God knows I feel better knowing taking up to 21 pills a day is not time or money wasted. Seriously...I'm lucky to a degree. Of course having portal vein thrombosis and coronary artery disease as side ailments caused by the liver disease aren't exactly "lucky" -  you feel me.  

My liver disease was caught relatively early and it is sticking to an incredibly restrictive life style that is certainly doing "some" good, for now. I am going to the hospital this morning for a colonoscopy that is anything but routine. Severe abdominal pain has lasted roughly 4 months is getting worse and no matter the outcome there is a far worse battle I am fighting.

Hepatic Encephalopathy.

Call it dementia's ugly step sister. I may be between stages one and two. And this means?

Short term memory loss. Call me at 12 noon and I may not remember it at 12:30...I may not remember you at all  by 12:45. Basic coordination starts to go, I get dizzy and fall down a lot. Skills like basic math and spelling are sometimes impossible. You become moody and irritable (see and you thought that was normal for me!). You can't really hold down a job unless it is something that requires little to no cognitive skills - like a politician.

Medicine can make it go somewhat dormant. Medicine can stop working at any time and you can move towards coma and death rapidly. Unlike the timeline with diseases such as cancer, you can wake up fine and be in intensive care by dinner time.

Please...watch the video below. You may have a friend or relative in a similar fix. Educate yourself. I again thank everyone for their kindness and I'll be back to reviewing music in 48 hours. If not...the colonoscopy didn't go well, of course they aren't exactly fun to begin with unless of course you are into that sort of thing.