Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Help Dayna Stephens Find A Kidney!

If you live, eat, and breath straight ahead jazz like I do then Dayna Stephens is a name  you may be familiar with if not then do me a solid and check out the link below.

I'm in my own battle trying to get my level of health to an optimum point for consideration for a liver transplant. Dayna Stephens needs a kidney. This is NOT about politics but I need to say this to make a very specific point.

Organ transplant rules and guidelines are not uniform and they are different with a myriad of factors coming into play. One factor that should not matter is where you live. You can live or die based on what state you reside in. This my friends IS NOT covered under Obamacare. Real reform is uniform. Every musician knows you don't have ass a solo. Well, you don't slap together a book with out proof reading it first.

That being said please check out this link I found on Gretchen Parlato's Web Site. Please help Dayna anyway you can. We are all in this together.

Many thanks and much love,
Brent Black